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The Norwegian Film and TV Producers’ Association (Produsentforeningen) was established in 1930. As of today the association comprises approximately 80 independent production companies involved in film and TV production. Its members are spread throughout the country and produce everything from short films to documentaries, feature films, TV programs, commercial films, commissioned films, multimedia and more.
Produsentforeningen is both a trade association and an employers’ association. The association works for political influence in relation to the authorities, public institutions, TV stations and copyright organizations. As an employers’ association Produsentforeningen negotiates wage agreements, framework agreements and standard contracts with staff and artist organizations.
Produsentforeningen serves the best interests of its members in a number of committees and boards such as The Norwegian Film fund the copyright organization NORWACO, the Gullruten Foundation, the Amanda committee and Fond for lyd og bilde.

Produsentforeningen has a broad international contact network. The association is a member of FIAPF– the international film producers’ federation, AGICOA – the producers’ international copyright organization, EDN – the organization for European documentaries, CFP-Europe – the association for commercial film producers, and CEPI – the organization for European TV producers.

Since 1998 Produsentforeningen has been the owner of the Gullruten Foundation. The purpose of this foundation is to arrange Gullruten, an award show for the year’s best TV programs. The ceremony is broadcast live on Norway’s TV2. Produsentforeningen is represented on the board of Gullruten and in the Gullruten Committee. The committee consists of representatives from all the Norwegian TV channels as well as the Gullruten Foundation. Produsentforeningen works closely with TV2 on the Gullruten broadcast.

Membership Advantages:

Legal advice for members
Produsentforeningen assists members with legal advice regarding contracts and agreements, as well as interpreting the association’s different wage and framework agreements. The association also gives advice and guidance regarding public regulations.

As a member of Produsentforeningen you will receive news via e-mail: Produsenten. Here you will find, among other things, relevant information about trade shows, festivals, other members, media and cultural politics, new films and ratings.

Seminar & meetings
The association regulary arranges seminars and members’ meetings. Some of these are targeted at specific production groups within the association, while others are more universal in character.

In order to be entitled to your share of cable funds, you must register your rights with AGICOA. Produsentforeningen is the secretariat for AGICOA Norway. You can either contact us or register directly with AGICOA. It is free to register.